Feed Your Yoga

Feed Your Yoga

Hosted by: Gabe Yoga

Feed Your Yoga PodCast is about sharing real stories from yoga teachers. Get insights into wellness, postures, yoga styles and application of yoga philosophy in daily life.


Chasing Your Dreams with Birger Van Den Bussche

Season #1 Episode #5

When you watch a person’s dreams come true, there is a sense of elation and joy, both for the person, and the world! This is the magic of Birger Van den Bussche. From the high cafe shops of Antwerp Belgium, Birger...
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Discover Your Path with JB Stearns

Season #1 Episode #4

What if you were told Yoga was a cult? Would that influence your choice of going to a class? For JB Stearns, who teaches out of Las Cruces, NM, this is exactly what happened in 1982. Listen to how he found his path...
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Be Calm Despite Your Suffering with Drew Maifeld

Season #1 Episode #3

Drew Maifeld has a vision for Yoga in Des Moines, IA. A model that can be adapted in any town to leverage the growth of Yoga. Listen to his insights on creating a communal space for yoga teachers and therapists to be...
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Bare All Truth with Gabriel Azoulay

Season #1 Episode #2

Acclaimed International Yoga Master Gabriel Azoulay bares the truth of all he has learned on his Yoga journey. Gain insights into your path and how to apply what you know to daily living. Gabriel shares tips for...
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Celebrating the Holidays

Season #1 Episode #1

The holiday season can feel hectic. even if you live in remote location, you feel the season through the internet and all its forms. If you participate (which I hope you do) then you enjoy time with your friends and...
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