To Count Calories or Not To Count? Featuring Juanito Suu Suu

Season #2 Episode #1

When it comes to Wellness and Nutrition, the amount of information is as wide as the internet.

Ever confusing subject, Gabe Yoga sat down with Juanito Suu Suu (Juan Manoy), a Holistic Health Coach from Argentina currently living in Thailand to explore the pros and cons of calories counting..

For the opening of Season 2, Juan and Gabe Yoga explore the topic of counting calories.

---This is part 1 of wellness tips for starting the year---

Gabe Yoga has 2 certificates from the world acclaimed Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), having graduated from their advanced year in 2011. Juanito Suu Suu (Juan Manoy) received his training through ‘Transformation Academy.”

Gabe Yoga invited Juanito Suu Suu (Juan Manoy), a Wellness coach from Argentina currently living in Thailand to co-lead a ‘Wellness and Yoga Retreat’ at the premier Khanom Yoga studio.

The retreat was also broadcasted as a Virtual Event, with yoga classes, meditations and more wellness talks. Get your copy on

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