Feed Your Yoga

Feed Your Yoga

Hosted by: Gabe Yoga

Feed Your Yoga PodCast is about sharing real stories from yoga teachers. Get insights into wellness, postures, yoga styles and application of yoga philosophy in daily life.


Yoga & BLM with Whitney Stark of Indigo Yoga

Season #3 Episode #1

Indigo Yoga studio owner, Whitney Stark, asked me to hop on a talk about Black Lives Matter and Yoga. My grandfather on my mom side, immigrate to NYC from Jamaica, where he met my grandmother, Austrian Holocaust...
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How Ashtanga and Bikram are similar with Madeleine Dekker

Season #2 Episode #6

Hot 26 practice has a challenging reputation. Listen to how Madeleine Dekker talks about her first experience with it. As an Ashtanga practitioner she explores with Gabe Yoga the connection and the differences between...
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How the Days of the Week affect Ashtanga Yoga - Yoga Retreat intro with Madeleine Dekker

Season #2 Episode #5

In the Ashtanga Yoga practice the Moon plays a critical role in daily practice. As one grows in their practice, they begin to notice how each day of the week has a different effect on "daily practice."The Chinese New...
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Optimize your Health with Donatas Certovskich

Season #2 Episode #4

As a Vegetarian for over 15 years, Donatas Certovskich has been creating healthy meal choices all over the world. Having worked with some of the top Health Resorts, he now focuses on developing modern technology tools...
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Exploring Hot and Ashtanga Yoga With Justen Caron

Season #2 Episode #3

Justen Caron’s background spans years of practice before ever stepping unto the teaching podium.As we sat outside a local coffee in the warm sunshine, it was incredible to hear his story, going from a mutual bet...
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Your Wellness Tips for the Best Year with Juanito Suu Suu

Season #2 Episode #2

When it comes to Wellness and Nutrition, the amount of information is as wide as the internet.Here are some simple, yet transformative, action based ideas from two International Health Coaches.Gabe Yoga has 2...
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To Count Calories or Not To Count? Featuring Juanito Suu Suu

Season #2 Episode #1

When it comes to Wellness and Nutrition, the amount of information is as wide as the internet.Ever confusing subject, Gabe Yoga sat down with Juanito Suu Suu (Juan Manoy), a Holistic Health Coach from Argentina...
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Rock Climbing Expert Turned Yoga Professional Sean Shelton

Season #1 Episode #10

With his new baby Connor in the background, Sean Shelton, founder of Mindful Ascension Yoga in Chandler, AZ ignites this audio with his care, enthusiasm and care for others.Sean discusses the challenges of perception...
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Conquering The Mind with Mathew Koder

Season #1 Episode #9

Mathew Koder’s story, from growing up in extreme poverty in a house with substance abuse mother, to living on the streets and eventually finding Yoga is a powerful testament to what Yoga can do for you.In today’s...
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Ride The Time with Frank Bonnici

Season #1 Episode #8

Frank shares incredible insight into the value of meditation, stepping out and just teaching wherever you can, as well as taking advantage of practice in varied places. His journey into teaching through apprenticing...
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Accept Your Incurability with Howard Evans

Season #1 Episode #7

Howard Evans is a rare soul. A healer whose talents span from Thai Massage to Craniosacral Therapy, Yoga to Parenting.His Thai Massage book is detailed with insights and clear vocabulary, while his newest book “The...
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Taking the World by Handstand with Kyle Weiger

Season #1 Episode #6

When the text message came that I MUST get Kyle on the podcast, I was excited to see that the efforts of getting the podcast out there are slowly “paying off,” and people are referring teachers for me to talk to...
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